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O.C.G.A 16-9-59. In GA, it is ILLEGAL to operate as a credit repair company or to even be affiliated with one, UNLESS Licensed Attorneys OR Non-Profit under Chapter 501(c)(3) of the IRS Tax Code.


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What is a “Credit repair Lawyer” and

How Can They Help Me?

An FTC study found that millions of Americans have errors or unfair negative items on at least one of their three credit reports—errors that may wrongfully lower their credit score. Most of the time, itʼs up to you to alert the credit bureaus of these errors. This process can take anywhere from a month to a few years, depending on your situation.

Credit Repair lawyers can complete the process in potentially less time and with fewer mistakes than if you were to try to fix it yourself. Their knowledge in credit related laws and experience dealing with the credit bureaus, debt collectors and other entities are all great qualities to have in your corner.

What Does a Credit Repair Lawyer Do?

We define a credit repair lawyer as a person knowledgeable in credit-related laws who works

on your behalf to repair your credit.

Review Credit Reports

File Credit Disputes

Communicate on your behalf

Hereʼs a snapshot of some of the ways a Credit Repair Lawyer may be able to help you:

  • Review your credit report for possible errors
  • File credit disputes with the credit bureaus
  • Communicate with creditors on your behalf
  • Settle debt with collection companies
  • Represent you in court
  • Advise you on ways to improve your score

Weʼll usually start by reviewing your credit reports and history to find any errors or misreported information. Then, a credit repair lawyer will gather the appropriate documentation and contact the relevant entities to verify, challenge and either correct or remove any misreported information.

Other steps a credit Repair lawyer takes depend on your situation. The credit bureaus may remove the error if they believe the evidence provided is sufficient, or you may need to engage a few more times with the bureaus to make your case

What Are the Differences Between Using a

Credit Repair Lawyer and a Credit Repair Company?

A credit repair lawyer will typically only have experience from their previous legal cases. A credit repair company may have more diverse experience across a variety of credit-related issues. Also, it is illegal in Georgia to operate a credit repair unless you are an attorney, or non-profit.

Credit Lawyer

Pro: Knowledgeable in credit-related laws 

Cons: Experience varies based on previous cases

Credit Repair Company

Pro: Experience solving many credit-related scenarios 

Cons: May not have staff with a legal background